Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth CD

Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth CD

Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth CD

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Hackett's amazing new album, carved from the rocks of personal and professional upheaval, stands as a testimony to the prevailing spirit of great musicians. Positive, reflective, vast and intimate, Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth is a universe of sound and emotion; from the trickling, music-box verse of opener Fire On The Moon to the thundering ensemble drumming of the finale, Last Train To Istanbul.

"Classic Steve Hackett with searing guitars, dramatic walls of sound, classical and bluesy corners and mature vocals." Martin Hudson, Classic Rock Society

"Populated by widescreen soundscapes, adorned by sublime guitar". Grant Moon, Classic Rock Magazine

Fire On the Moon
Emerald And Ash
Ghost In The Glass
Still Waters
Last Train To Istanbul