Djabe 15th Anniversary DVD

Djabe 15th Anniversary DVD

Djabe 15th Anniversary DVD

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Djabe celebrated its 15-year anniversary in 2010. The occasion was celebrated by a concert organized for the band by the Palace of Arts. Djabe wanted to provide a thorough presentation of the first 15 years, therefore the most significant former members and featured musicians were invited to participate at the concert. Founding member of the band Andras Sipos played together with the band on recordings.

The performance lasted 3 hours without intermission, which found its way to the DVD. According to the band, it had been their best concert ever. Consequently, the release of the show is their best live recording as well. Disc 1 contains the concert with stereo and 5.1 sound. The aspect ratio is 16:9. The disc has no region code and is made in PAL format. Disc 2 features the history of Djabe. An interview was made with the band by author Laszlo Zeke, who experienced the story of the band at first hand. The interview is illustrated and complemented by numerous footages most of which has so far been unseen by the public. An interview was made with the musicians taking part at the rehearsal on the day before the concert. Gabor Bako, Ferenc Muck, Said Tichiti, Aron Koos – Hutas, Ben Castle, Steve Hackett and Malik Masurov relate their experiences and stories in connection with the band. The combined length of the two documentaries and the extras make up more than four hours. Therefore, watching the complete Djabe 15 double DVD requires a whole working day including a lunch break, namely 8 hours. The DVD just like the Sipi Benefit Concert or the Sheafs Are Dancing is released in an elegant paper cover. The 28-page booklet accompanying the discs feature information and photos about the concert as well as documents and photos illustrating the history of Djabe. Djabe: Szilard Banai, Tamas Barabas, Attila Egerhazi, Ferenc Kovacs, Zoltan Kovacs Guest musicians: Steve Hackett, Ben Castle, Malik Mansurov, Aron Koos-Hutas, Ferenc Muck, Mihaly Dresch, Viktor Toth

1. Intro
 2. Visions 
3. Djabe
 4. Gallop
 5. First Step 
6. Omachule 
7. Reproach
 8. Clouds Dance
 9. Butterfly
10. Winter Forest
 11. Doromb
 12. Message From Iceworld
 13. Kilinama
 14. Sheafs Are Dancing
 15. Erdo, erdo 16. Firth Of Fifth
 17. Dark Soup
 18. The Steppes
 19. In That Quiet Earth
 20. Anniversary Angklung 
21. Swiss Funk
 22. Behind The Veil
 23. Distant Dance
 24. End Of A Beautiful Day

Djabe History disc with plenty of unreleased music
 ... The First 15 Years – Through The Eyes Of Djabe
 / The First 15 Years – Through The Eyes Of Guest Musicians
 / Interview With John Nugent And Attila Egerhazi

Djabe are Szilard Banai – drums, percussion
Tamas Barabas – bass guitar
Attila Egerhazi – guitar, percussion, vocal
Ferenc Kovacs – violin, trumpet, lead vocal
Zoltán Kovacs – piano, keyboards

Guest musicians from Earth

Steve Hackett – guitar, Ben Castle – tenor and soprano saxophone
Malik Mansurov – tar, Aron Koos-Hutas – trumpet,
Mihály Dresch – flute, soprano saxophone,
Ferenc Muck – soprano and tenor saxophone,
Said Tichiti – vocal, gembri, percussion, Viktor Toth – alto saxophone Guest musician from Heaven
Andras Sipos – vocal, percussion