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Release date: 25/2/2021

Track Listing:
01 Feel Like A Zombie
02 Burning Candles
03 Funny Faces
04 Girls From Venus
05 Love Just Lets Us Down
06 Windhover
07 Carousels
08 Love To Love Her
09 The Real Life
10 LlamaTalk

Lee Gobbi // Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic 6 String (on 'Carousels' and 'The Real Life'), and 12 string guitar (on LlamaTalk), Drum programming, String Programming.
Dik Cadbury // Bass, Vocals and Harmonies.
Steve Hackett // Lead Guitar on 'Windhover'.
Gerry Leonard // Electric Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 'Spooky Guitars'.
Patsy Gamble // Saxophone on 'Love to Love Her'.
Nick Magnus // Electric Piano and Strings on 'Carousels'.
Nancy March // Vocals and Harmonies on 'The Real Life'.
Beverley Craven // Vocal and Harmonies on 'Carousels'.
David Hentschel // Keyboards, Drum Programming, Sampling, Taurus Bass Pedals.
Arcane String Orchestra // Strings.

Recorded in Connecticut and New York USA, and England.
Arrangements // Dave Hentschel, Lee Gobbi
Produced by David Hentschel and Lee Gobbi.
Engineered and Mixed by David Hentschel in England.
Mastering // Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studios, London England

Recorded between June 2019 and December 2020

All songs written by Lee Gobbi ©elgeesongs ©pineapplehousemusic